Time travel
with your phone


Relive history

TimePeek's mission is to bring our history back to life by making it easier for creators around the world to make augmented reality experiences.

Cloud content management

Host your 3d models, videos, audio files and text in our CMS and make everything available offline.


TimePeek is designed from the ground-up to support multiple languages.

Web editor

Our easy-to-use web editor makes the creation of new AR scenes a breeze.


Access to scenes can be limited to tourists are that within a predefined radius. You can show them a skeak peak of the experience unlocking one of the scenes and locking the rest.

Audio guides

TimePeek allows you to have audio-guides in each scene. No need to have a separate audio-guide.

Camera triggered scenes

Scenes are triggered by just scanning 2d images, or by simply walking into 360 spheres.

Immersive 360 scenes

Time Slider

TimePeek Provides functionality to easily compare 360 images and videos of before and after scenes.

Configurable environments

Upload your own 360 images or videos and use the web editor to align the pictures.

Off-line access

Users can download the scene at home so it's available when they visit the site.

3D scenes

3D modeled environments

Let your users explore a reconstruction from any angle by uploading a 3D model to a TimePeek scene.

Share your experience

Take pictures of your experience and send them to your friends with the integrated share functionality.

On-Site Calibration tool

Fine tune the scene alignment to the real world using TimePeek's calibration tool. Modify the scene starting location, scale and rotation as well as all individual scene components.

Easy activation with QR or Geo-location

Import your own 360 pictures

Upload any 360 image or video to TimePeek and align them using the web editor.

Geo-locate them or define de QR to launch the scene

A TimePeek sphere will appear in the world as a spherical portal. Just walk in to open it!


Once the scene is mapped you can publish it and it's instantly available on the app.

Supported devices

TimePeek can work on 762 Million devices. Any iOS and Android device that supports ARCore or ARKit can run TimePeek AR experiences.

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